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 Server (Tshock Commands) And Game info

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PostSubject: Server (Tshock Commands) And Game info   Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:32 am

Info on Game Crafting Etc.
Click Here

Server Commands:
Download the commands in msword Here

Terraria Admin-User Commands

/register [username] [password] - Register a user account
/login [username] [password] - Log in to a user account
/help [page] - Provides a list of commands.
/playing, /who, /online - List of players on the server.
/me - Third person chat.
/p - Party/Team chat.
/rules - Prints server rules.
/password [oldpassword] [newpassword] - Change your password
higher ranks only *
/user add [accountname] [group] - Adds a user account and assigns them a group.
/user add [IP.add.re.ss] [group] - Adds a user IP address and assigns them a group.
/user del [accountname] - Removes a user account
/user del [IP.add.re.ss] - Removes a user IP address
/user group [accountname] [newgroup] - Assigns a new group to a user
/user password [accountname] [password] - Assigns a new password to a user
/auth-verify - Verifies initial superadmin account(s). [CODE] is displayed in server console.
/ip [player] - Privately print the IP address of a player

kick [player] [reason] - Use "quotes" for player names with spacing. (Example: /kick "sarah connor" abuse)
/ban [player] [reason] - Use "quotes" for player names with spacing.
/ban [ip] [reason]
/unban [player] - Use "" for player names with spacing.
/unbanip [ip]

/off - Turns off the server after saving.
/off-nosave - Kills the server without saving.
/checkupdates - Checks for TShock updates.
/clearbans -1 - Removes all ban's
/whitelist [player] - While "EnableWhitelist: true" in the config.json, only players who are added to the whitelist with this command are able to enter the server. These names are stored in \tshock\whitelist.txt.

/dropmeteor - Drops a meteor on the map.
/star - Attempts to bring a star to your location (required night time).
/bloodmoon - Starts a blood moon event.
/invade - Toggles a goblin invasion.

/eater - Summons the Eater of Worlds.
/eye - Summons the Eye of Cthulhu.
/skeletron - Summons Skeletron.
/king - Summons the Slime King.
/hardcore - Summons Eater of Worlds, Eye of Cthulhu , Slime King, and Skeletron.
/spawnmob [npc-id or name] [amount]- Spawns an NPC from the - Use "" for mob names with spacing.

/tp [player] - Teleport to the requested player.
/spawn, /home - Teleport to home. (Bed, or spawn)
/tphere [player] - Teleports the requested player to you.

/warp list - Lists the available warp destinations.
/warp [destination] - Warps to the named destination.

/setwarp [destination] - Sets a named warp at your current position.
/delwarp [destination] - Removes a named warp.

/addGroup [optional permissions, space separated or comma separated, not both] - Allows adding of additional group types, other than the default groups (VIP, newadmin, trustedadmin, etc.).

Example: /addGroup tester ban kick heal
OR: /addGroup tester ban,kick,heal
NOT: /addGroup tester ban, kick, heal
/delGroup - Delete an existing group.
/modGroup add|del- is the permission required to use a set of commands.

Example: /modGroup add vip managewarp

/addItem - Add an item to the ban list.

Example: /addItem "gold coin"

/delItem - Delete an existing item from the ban listExample: /delItem "gold coin"

/setspawn - Sets the map's spawn point at your current position.
/reload - Reloads the configuration file.
/showconfig - Shows the current configuration settings.
/serverpassword - Remotely changes the server's password.
/save - Saves the server.
/maxspawns [amount] - Changes the maximum spawns per wave. Higher numbers results in more mobs per spawn wave.
/spawnrate [amount] - Changes the rate at which monsters spawn. Lower results in faster spawn rates.
/broadcast [message] - Broadcasts a message from the playername.
/convert - This command will dump all users from both Regions and Warps and also change all Worlds to reference this WorldID. You must manually fix multi-world configurations.
/time [day|night|dusk|noon|midnight] - Sets a specific world time.
/slap [player] - Slaps [player], defaults to 5 damage if not provided - Use "quotes" for player names with spacing.
/antibuild - Toggles build protection.
/protectspawn - Toggles spawn protection.
/region set [1/2] - Sets temporary region points
/region name - Shows the name of the region you are in
/region define [name] - Adds temporary region points into the region list
/region delete [name] - Deletes the specified region
/region allow [name] [regionname] - Allows a player to build in specified region
/region list - Shows a named list of all regions for that world
/region help - Lists region help
/displaylogs - Turns on and off Server Console messages.
/whisper, /w, /tell [player] [message] - Sends a private whisper to another player
/reply, /r [message] - Whisper replies to the last person to send you a whisper.
/annoy [player] [time in seconds] - Plays the Whoopie Cushion sound on a player for [time in seconds]. Cannot be heard by other players.
/kill [player] - Kills provided [player] - Use "" for item/player names with spacing.
/butcher - Slays all non-town NPCs.
/item [id or name] or /i [id or name] - Gives you
Example: /i "molten pick"

/give [id or name] [player] - Gives [player] item
Example: /give "molten pick" "sarah connor" 1
/heal [player] - Heals you, or if defined,
canwater - allow this group to use water
canlava - allow this group to use lava
canspike - allow this group to place spikes
canbuild - allow this group to build (does not bypass other checks, such as protected regions)
adminchat - Colors and adds a prefix to the group's chat. This prefix and color is set in \tshock\config.json.
immunetokick - group can't be kicked
immunetoban - group can't be banned
ignorecheatdetection - allow group to cheat (health/mana cheats)
ignoregriefdetection - allow group to grief (use explosives, water, lava even if they dont have premission to)
usebanneditem - allows group the use of banned items
reservedslot - allow this group to join the server, regardless of whether or not it is full

Hope it help some commands aren't going to work for some ranks.
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Server (Tshock Commands) And Game info
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